Our Story.

Just before launching in 2015, co-founders Morgan Bettes and Wade Hamilton were face with problem- almost all Millennials in Bradenton wanted more than what the city had to offer. They were sick of the typical bar scene and starving for quality, live entertainment. Determined to act rather than talk, Independent Jones was born.

Founded on the desire to create more opportunities to showcase live music and celebrate local artists, Morgan and Wade felt that their city deserved more- more art, more experiences, more community. Independent Jones launched and has since paved the way for live entertainment in the 941 area.

“I love music. I love the power that music has to speak to anyone. It’s a language we all speak.” -Morgan Bettes

Independent Jones is dedicated to inspiring audiences through music and connecting bands with local venues. Specializing in event planning, booking, and live shows, they believe in the power of a community that values art. In addition to being South Florida’s premier planner and promoter, Indie Jones continues to work toward the dream of establishing a brick-and-mortar live music venue in the 941.

"We want to bring quality bands to local audiences and quality audiences to local bands," -Wade Hamilton.

Independent Jones has worked with groups including Geraldson Community Farm, The Manatee Performing Arts Center, Boys & Girls Club of Manatee, Realize Bradenton, Darwin Brewing Co., The Main Street Merchants, Ace’s Live, Schroeder-Manatee Ranch and LWR Communities, and featured countless local + regional acts, as well as nationally touring acts.

In the summer of 2017, Independent Jones announced their new partnership with Schroeder-Manatee Ranch, developer of Lakewood Ranch, producing events ranging from 50 guests to 5,000 guests, and coordinating their local farmers market.

A better understanding of the impact that live music culture has on a community’s vitality, identity, safety, and overall quality of life, is essential. That’s what we’re here for.